who we are


CulturaMinds restructured my resume in a way that suited my career goals and captured my most important skills and competencies.

Beverly - Frisco, TX

Fresh out of college, CulturaMinds provided one on one behavioral interviewing training. The next day I got the job.

Elizabeth - Plano, TX

A few words about us

Our vision is to become a lifelong career coach for anyone that wants to move up in their career or desires to make a life change in their career.

Our mission is to build, cultivate and develop bold fresh leaders starting from the inside out. Just like a physical sport, all athletes need a coach to grow, stretch, and develop excellence in their sport or position. The game of business works the same. A Career Coach can develop your competencies, skills, and ldeadership confidence in a way that propels you forward. Most organizations cannot offer day to day development of every individual, but a CulturaMinds Career Coach can help you reach your goals at an accelerated rate.

For organizations, CulturaMinds can offer an array of training and development options that can be customized to meet team goals and organizational long-range goals. CulturaMinds is right for the organization that desires to move the needle now while organized chaos is taking place.

What we value..

Having Fun + Straight Talk + Inspiration + Confidence in One's Self + Humility + Never Saying, "It's a problem".

our work team