Coaching Services for your Career Progression

Resume Redesign
"Re-Brand Yourself"

Your resume will be customized to your specific career goals.

Your resume will be tailored to your personal capabilities, skills and experience so that employers can match their job roles to your background.

$55 - Professional Resumes
$75 - Executive Resumes (Managers and above)

Behavioral Interviewing
"Knock their socks off!"

If you are hunting for a new gig, then it's important that you brush up on your interviewing skills.

Learn the approaches that employers use to match their talent needs with the job skills and personality style needed to mesh in their culture.

$40 per hour of Private Training

What's your DiSC Style?

DiSC is a personal assessment tool used to better understand how you you work with others, respond to conflict and it identifies triggers for stress.

DiSC helps you understand how to resolve problems by understanding the dispositions of team members

$25 per Asssessment

Leadership Development
"Be the Leader they Need"

Acquire the conscientious skills of senior leaders and understand the style, traits, and process improvement methodologies that can drive your career to a senior executive role.

Prep yourself to be promoted!

$40 per hour of Private Coaching and Development

Public Speaking
"Master the Podium"

Delivery of a speech or presentation is critical! Acquire the confidence, physical practices, oral framing techniques, and ability to group your audience using key facilitation skills.

Not losing your audience is a skill required in business.

$40 per hour of Private Training

Performance Management
"Be Proactive in your Performance"

This development passage involves change management, analytical rigor, and project management skills.

This passage is not developed over night and is suited for senior professionals who are on a high potential list to be promoted.

$40 per hour of Private Training


  • Leading at the Speed of Trust
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Change Management
  • Organizational Development Solutions
  • Targeted Selection Behavioral Interviewing
  • Process Improvement
  • 4 Disciplines of Execution
  • Human Resources 101
  • Performance Management